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( http://www.freelaundromat.com ) Want a Coin Laundromat business? Watch Rick’s story, as a consultant Rick talks about how they hire other consultants. “We try to cut to the chase, and someone who’s been there can help us to do that.”, Months ago he opened his first Coin-Op Laundromat. After seeing Danny D’Angelo’s “Cleaning up in Laundromats” DVD, the decision was clear… His information answers all of the questions that new potential owners have, and more. It goes into detail as to obtaining a store for free, free rent, and running your small business like a big business. “This is the only way it should happen.” says Rick. And he is right, it has worked for dozens of others is several US states, as well as Nigeria, and Australia! Guess what; Danny’s newsletter is Free as well. Sign up here ( http://www.freelaundromat.com ) Facebook me, Bro! https://www.facebook.com/Kingoflaundry

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