A dying mall? in Akron, Ohio (Drone & Interior Footage)

Chapel Hill Mall in Akron, Ohio. Taken mid-week, mid day. Lots of stores closed and out of business in this mall. A sign of things to come in retail mall shopping? (includes Phantom 4 Pro, Aerial Drone Footage)

Chapel Hill Mall is a one-story, 860,000 sq ft (80,000 m2) enclosed mall located at 2000 Brittain Road in Akron, Ohio. Built by Richard (R.B.) Buchholzer and Forest City Enterprises, it opened on October 12, 1967. They continued to own the mall until 2004, when it was sold to the Chattanooga, Tennessee company CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., who owned it until 2014. The mall features more than 100 stores, with JCPenney as the sole anchor store. Macy’s and Sears were former anchors until they closed in spring 2016 and spring 2017, respectively.

Chapel Hill Mall features one anchor store: JCPenney, which opened in 1966 before the mall proper.

A second store, Macy’s, operated in an anchor that was originally occupied by local chain O’Neil’s until 1989, May Co. until 1993, and Kaufmann’s from 1993 to 2006. Macy’s closed in 2016.

Sears was a third anchor of the mall which opened in 1967 at the same time as the mall and operated until 2017.

There used to be a multi-screen cinema at the mall as well. It opened in October 1966 as a two-screen theater, and eventually expanded to five screens. In 1987, General Cinemas (owner of the mall’s cinema) opened an 8-screen multiplex just west of the mall, and in October 1996, Regal Cinemas opened their 10-screen theater immediately south of the mall. Less than two weeks later, the General Cinemas at the mall closed, and Old Navy took over the former theater until it closed in 2016. Woolworth also operated a store at the mall until 1997. It was later occupied by Gap which has since closed as well. In January 2017 Sears Holdings announced that the Chapel Hill store would be closing the following spring due to declining sales.


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