Alcoholics Anonymous – Historical Retrospective

Alcoholics Anonymous – Historical Retrospective




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AA – Recovered – Alcoholics Anonymous – AA100011

Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith meet for the first time May 12 1935 – Akron, Ohio.

Dr. Bob’s Home – The Birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous

Dr. Bob’s Home
855 Ardmore Avenue
Akron, OH 44309
Dr. Bob’s Home is open daily from Noon to 3pm.

Stepping Stones is the historic home of Bill and Lois Wilson


Dr Silkworth believed Bill Wilson was making a mistake by telling new converts of his “Hot Flash” conversion and trying to apply the Oxford Group’s principles. He advised Wilson of the need to deflate the alcoholic.

He told Wilson to give them the medical business, and give it to them hard: tell them of the obsession that condemns them to drink and the physical sensitivity that condemns them to go mad or die. If it comes from another alcoholic,

it will break down their egos. Only then could he use the other “medicine”–the ethical principles he had picked up from the Oxford Groups.

During a business venture in Akron, Ohio, Wilson was tempted to drink and realized he must talk to another alcoholic to stay sober. He phoned local ministers to ask if they knew any alcoholics.

Norman Sheppard directed him to Oxford member Henrietta Seiberling, whose group had been trying to help a desperate alcoholic named Dr. Bob Smith. —–


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