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In Akron, during Lock 3 Live, it holds concerts for almost every musical genre, including alternative, R&B, reggae, gospel, country, pop, jazz, and classic rock. Some festivals the park hosts throughout the year include Soap Box Derby opening ceremonies, firefighter competitions, charity events, tournaments, and animal events. From November through February, Lock 3 Park is transformed into an outdoor ice-skating rink. Adjacent to the Derby Downs race hill is a 19,000-square-foot (1,800 m2) outdoor skatepark. The park features concrete ramps, including two bowls going as deep as 7 feet (2.1 m), a snake run, two hips, a stair set with handrail, many smaller quarter pipes and a variety of grind boxes. Positioned just a few feet from the Akron Skatepark is a Pro BMX course where organized races are often held in the warmer months. Business credit score measures a company’s creditworthiness. Better Qualified, LLC is a limited liability company that specializes in business and consumer credit services. Building business credit has never been easier, and our results speak for themselves. Better Qualified helps the clients get credit cards for their business and establish trade lines with reputable vendors. The company has consulted for thousands of individuals and corporations on their credit ratings, operations, sales and business models. Finance and Insurance sector also includes monetary authorities charged with monetary control. The sub-sectors, industry groups and industries within the NAICS Finance and Insurance sector are defined on the basis of their unique production processes. As with all industries, the production processes are distinguished by their use of specialized human resources and specialized physical capital. In addition, the way in which these establishments acquire and allocate financial capital, their source of funds, and the use of those funds provides a third basis for distinguishing characteristics of the production process. For instance, the production process in raising funds through deposit-taking is different from the process of raising funds in bond or money markets.
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When they are starting up, many small businesses use their personal credit and finances to get their business going. But they should establish a credit history by putting expenses (such as a business phone line) in their business name and using a commercial bank account to pay their bills. That ‘s why it is important for each businessman to have a separate business score. A business credit score is similar to a personal credit score, or FICO score. Good business credit can ensure that you get the supplies you need under the best possible terms, freeing up more money for your business.
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Better Qualified’s account managers will attack all of your derogatory accounts with our disputing process. Better Qualified has been successful in removing all derogatory accounts. Including: Late Payments, Charge Offs, Collections, Medical Collections, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Incorrect Information, and more! Better Qualified works closely with collections attorneys to comb through all of your 3rd party collections in search of violations. When an account is sold to a 3rd party, often times the collection company will violate set regulations.

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