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Are you looking for business advisory services in Akron that can provide Real Solutions for Real Small Business Problems? Business Roundtables can be the answer.

Business Roundtables is a counsel of peers by your side providing insight and advice to even the most challenging issues.

Small business expert and coach Gary Fitzmartin facilitates Business Roundtables in Akron Ohio which provides small business owners with a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment where they can meet with peers to discuss and solve common business problems.

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Business Advisory Services Akron Ohio

When you start a business you are immediately enrolled in the school of hard knocks.

You study human resources, finance, marketing, sales, phycology and much more.

You get to meet really interesting people, and will miss many a good night’s sleep.

You also get to invest a lot of your time, emotion and money paying the tuition.

Because the tuition to the school of hard knocks is expensive; very expensive.

Business Roundtables exists to dramatically reduce this tuition cost for our members.

Business Roundtables meetings provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment where learning and growth are accelerated.

Members bring their most challenging issues to the group where possibilities are explored and potential solutions are discussed.

In many cases, one or more of the group members will have already faced the same or a similar issue and their experiences then provide a foundation for an effect solution.

Because the Roundtable members are from non-competing businesses, multiple industries and different disciplines, each member brings a unique point of view to the discussions.

This results in the exploration of solutions that would never be imagined by someone from the same business or industry as the member that is experiencing the problem.

Looking at problems from different points of view is not something that most business owners are comfortable with.

Roundtable members are pushed by their fellow members to step outside of their comfort zones.

As a result, they learn and grow as they never could without the group.

If you understand that you do not have all of the answers, if you would like to become part of the team committed to constant personal and business growth; call 330-814-6835 to learn about membership in one of our groups.

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Business Advisory Services Akron Ohio

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