Best trains of 2018 : A review of my channel’s progress and videos over the year

This is my best of 2018 review, I have not done one of these since 2015! A lot has changed over the year, I started the year using 2-3 Panasonic HC-V750 camcorders. In March I added a DJI Mavic Air drone to the mix. Then one by one the Panasonic’s failed. They were nearly 3 years old now. I upgraded to a HC-VX981 but that spent a short time as my primary camcorder. I added a Panasonic HC-X1 to switch to 4K at 60P and Sennheiser microphone.

The trains are:
NS 2523 SD70 with KCS help at Bellevue Ohio
NS 6356 SD40E on the Chicago district
PREX 105 Gettysburg GP9 on the ND&W
W&LE 6386 on the CF&E in Lima Ohio
NS 8826 in Bellevue
OHCR 4030 on the Indiana & Ohio Railway
PREX 105
RJC 1731 in Buckland Ohio
NS 8098 Conrail Heritage unit in Ft Wayne Indiana
NS 8770 in Van Wert
HLCX 7014 SD40-2 on the Indiana & Ohio
OHCR 4030 in Tremont and Quincy
NS 5238 in Ft Wayne
CREX 1202 Citirail at NS Tower in Lima
PREX 1601 on the ND&W in Defiance Ohio
OHCR 4030 and HLCX 7014 at Sugar St Diamond in Lima
PREX 105 again ( a favorite)
W&LE 5391 SD40T-2
W&LE 4000, W&LE 6984 W&LE 6316 all in Spencer Ohio
RJC 1832 GP16 in Ansonia and Greenville
CSX 8823 at NS Tower
CN 2292 at NS Tower
CREX 1234 Citirail with a Ferromex in Ft Wayne
RJC 1731 in Colwater and Celina
NS 3027 GP38-2 in New Haven
PREX 4843 / PRLX 4844 ex CSX SD70ACe pair in Marion Ohio
IORY 9400 SD45T-2 in Lima
CF&E 2099 in Van Wert and Delphos
UP 2447 SD60M in New Haven
CP 9546 on the C&O
NS 1628 in Toledo
INER 2185 GP30 near Montpelier Ohio
NS 6159 in Butler Indiana
W&LE 6387 crossing the diamond in Wellington and meeting W&LE 4003
GECX 7396 in Ft Wayne
INER 2216 in Edon Ohio
RJC 4121 in Greenville
CSX 6936 in Wapakoneta
WAMX 3879 Ann Arbor Heritage unit in Toledo
W&LE 3068 in New Washington
OHCR 4030 in Lima
CF&E 2099 in Convoy Ohio
GTW 4619 Wyandotte Michigan
BNSF 9807 in New Haven
NS 5244 in Woodburn Indiana
CRC 55 GP7 and NKP 901 Ohio Rail Experience on the IORY
CEFX 6020 SOO Line chase on the CSX Toledo Subdivision
NS 911 Trail fail in Troy Ohio
NS 4270 OCS at Wauseon
FEC 105 at Wauseon with KCS at Citirail help
RJC 1731 in Minster Ohio
UP 6699 at NS Tower with PRLX 212 and KCS
NS 4135 shave and a hair cut at Marion
CF&E by the Lima Depot
DOTX 2000 in Montpelier yard ( Indiana Northeastern )

Our first Vacation of the year was to Chattanooga Tenn to chase SOU 630 and SOU 4510 steam doubleheader

NS 2574 in Waterloo Indiana
INER 3084 fresh paint in Montpelier
FXE 4055 on the C&O in Fostoria
PRLX 9551 in Cairo
CSX 8815 on the Botkins hill
CSX 8017 at Swanders, Wapak and Ottawa
IORY 3494 at DT&I Junction
GTW 4632 somewhere in Michigan
RJC 1731 on the SPEG
W&LE 102 GP35 on the CF&E at Upper Sandusky
CF&E 2106 in Lima Ohio
NS 5244 near New Haven
CSX 4557 in Cairo
IORY 4072 at Morris
CF&E 5597 passing the Plymouth Indiana Depot
CKIN 804 and CKIN 814
GLC 398 in Durand
CREX 1333 in Lima
ASRY 2022 southbound at Plymouth Ohio and Shelby
W&LE 6348 westbound at Plymouth
W&LE 6997 on the Carey Sub crossing the Chatfield diamond
NS 6809 triclops SD60 in Bellevue
CSX 4584 at DT&I Junction
W&LE 6387 at Chatfield
KCS 3948 at Deshler and Hamler
INER 5903 at Edon
CSX 4561 at Bible Rd in Lima
NS 8017 at Wapak and Swanders
CSX 2256 at Flanders with an amused conductor
PM 1225 and GLC 392 on the Howell Melon Festival trips
CEFX 6012 SD60 at Waterloo Indiana

Our Second vacation, Duluth Mn:
BNSF 2124 with a lot of smoke!
DMIR 402 and CN 5338
SOO Line 2500 on the Two Harbors Turn
BLE 903 with ore jennies
RJC 4121 spots a Greenville Ethanol train with RJC 1832

Jeddo Coal 85 visited the FWRHS openhouse
IORY 9400 on bridge in Lima
W&LE 6354 on CSX near Greenwich
RJC 1806/1731 at the Celina distribution center
INER 5903 west of Edon
NKP 765 in Ft Wayne, on the Chicago line and East Wayne yard
IORY 4072 in St Johns Ohio
UP 1943 Union Pacific veterans unit on CSX at Garrett Indiana
CVSR 6777 in Akron Ohio
NKP 765 in Akron on the CVSR
NS 911 first responders unit on the Fostoria District
W&LE 106 GP35 near Kidron (engine was totaled in a collision in Nov)
CSX 8075 SD40-2 leads intermodal at Cairo
CSX 4515 under the Cairo signal bridge
C&O 5704 in Urbana and Springfield Ohio Rail Experience
PREX 1603
NS 5238 / NS 5196 GP38-2 high hood pair in Ft Wayne
PREX 105 by the Antwerp Depot
C&O 5704 O.R.E. Lima Limited trip ( NKP 901 north )
NS 4078 FRA train in Van Wert
CF&E 5597 in rural Van Wert County
INER 1073 in Ray Indiana
CSX 8040 in Tipp City by their CPL and depot
CSX 8094 climbing the grade at Swanders
RJC 4121 in Ansonia
KCS 4705 in Butler
PREX 1600 in Walkerton and Plymouth on the Elkhart & Western
GMTX 2204 on the Grand Elk in Three Rivers
IN 9571 and GTW 4619 east of Schoolcraft
PREX 1000 on the Elkhart & Western in Elk
Hocking Valley #3 steam engine in Nelsonville Ohio
CSX with 7 Kansas City Southern de Mexico locomotives in Lodi Ohio
CSX 8099 by the troy CPL
CSX 8833 in Lima and Wapak and by the Troy depot
IORY 4085 at Sugar St diamond
ASRY 2023 in Mansfield Ohio

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