Merry Go Round & Swing – A Short Film

This 1-minute short film was shot at Begonia Drive. I was reading up on the internet on the past traditional playgrounds in Singapore, some which still stood today. This traditional all-steel Merry Go Round is the only one remaining found in the sleepy estate in Begonia Drive. I wanted to capture some nice slow moving frame shots of it and also on old swings to test out my new Canon 6D and the slider dolly which i had bought. And decided to put together a short one minute of video here. I like especially the last scene of the two girls in pink on the swing which was entirely unplanned, but which i saw an opportunity to capture them nicely on the moving swing while doing a panning shot upwards. Getting the merry go round to move for a sustained period of time in order to shoot it was tiring as it was heavy! And i had to quickly raced back behind the camera to capture the shots back and forth for quite a number of takes. But it was a fun afternoon under overcast skies shooting this and i went back home, took a quick bath and locked inside my room to edit and put together the short video on my computer. I wasn’t satisfied with the film till hours later, as i wanted to have a very cinematic and sweeping feel to it. The short film was completed just past midnight and i was happy with the result, only to realize that i had not eaten dinner.

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