Mi mejor amigo “Lgbt”

Mi mejor amigo is an Argentinean film written and directed by Martín Deus and was released in cinemas on 8 November 2018. The film features Angelo Mutti Spinetta and Lautaro Rodríguez as protagonists.Mi mejor amigo è un film argentino scritto e diretto da Martín Deus ed è uscito nelle sale cinematografiche argentine l’8 novembre 2018. Il film vede Angelo Mutti Spinetta e Lautaro Rodríguez nel ruolo di protagonisti.
Prima data di uscita: 8 novembre 2018 (Argentina)
Regista: Martín Deus
Musica composta da: Mariano Barrella
Lingua: Lingua spagnola
Case di produzione: National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, Pensa & Rocca Cine, Oh my Gómez! Films
Lautaro Rodríguez
Angelo Mutti Spinetta
Moro Anghileri
Guillermo Pfening
Lorenzo, a teenager who lives in Patagonia, hosts his son Caíto, the son of a family friend who is having a difficult time and can not take care of him. Caíto is a young problematic who has difficulty in adapting. Despite the differences, the two boys establish a singular friendship in which one learns a lot from the other. One day Caíto tells him the real reason why he had to leave the family. From that day on, Lorenzo finds himself having to keep a very big secret.

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