MIDWAY Drive In Theater, , Ravenna Ohio USA

The MIDWAY located a half mile East of Kent, on SR-59, west of Ravenna Ohio. Their movie line is (330) 296-9829, +++++++++++ We lucked out at this Ravenna, Ohio area drive in theater. we had permission from the owners for a day time visit, and when we got there, an employee was kind enough to give us an audio interview. On all of our out of state adventures, we would pick out some sites to visit at night and pad the episode with these day time visits. I wish I had thought of asking him to turn on the marquee. Ecen in daylight, it would’ve been cool, eh? Nice marquee, unique ticket booth. Very nice, indeed. Part of the fun of going to these places is approaching the sites, trying to be the first one to see the screen tower in the distance, or, the marquee around the bend. These ORIGINAL segments were always taped with permission of the owner. If an owner said no or didn’teply to our request, we’d just tape from outside the property. Planning ahead prevents possible headaches. While we were taping the now demolished MILES in Cleveland, Ohio, some nice police officers asked us what were we doing. We rattled off the owners name, stating we had permission to be tghere. They’re just doing their jobs, afterall. For some time I’ve been paranoid and reluctant to take home souveniers (spell check?) from abandoned drive ins. When me and my brother left the abandoned NORTHLAND an officer was parked at the entrance. Years later, I now wish I would have saved that COCA COLA sign from the dumpster. Oh, well. So, here it is…………….The Midway drive In Theater. If you enjoyed this clip, would it be too much to ask for a comment? Thank you The RQVOutdoorMoovies Channel
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PS We are seeking information as to the disposition of the MIDWAY as the industry swithes from 35mm to digital projection. If you are fro the area and have heard anything, please let us know. 2013 is perhaps the toughest year ever for drive in owners who are being forced by the movie studios to spend tens of thousands of dollars just to remain open. We’d like to know how the MIDWAY fits into all of this. We certainly hope it survives. It is important to not take your local drive in theater for granted. It alway seems to come as a suprise when they close. If your local drive in owner has taken the plunge and ungraded to the forced format, you can thank them by sending their snack bar profits through the roof. No, don’t do that. Roofs are expensive to fix. But, by all means, buy some popcorn, cheese burgers and pizza. If you seer an owner, go up and thank them for deciding to remain the important part of your community they will continue to be. Oh, and don’t forget the ice cold drinks. It’s all waiting for you at the concession stand. DLB

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