Rally In Akron, Ohio (Mississppi) For Trayvon Martin

This was one man’s (5723Michael…not on his channel) take on a NAACP rally in Akron, Ohio. He says Mississippi as one of his many ways he makes his point. There is an Akron, Mississippi though, whether you call it a community or a municipality, it does exist for those that claim otherwise. It would be almost funny if it wasn’t so true! Why can’t people stand to see the truth for what it is? Is it some sort of guilt or cross white people think they need to bare that makes them oblivious to injustices such as the one that took place in the OJ Simpson Trial, but yet they can march hand in hand while there is serious doubt as to motive or guilt in this case? How can you not be up in arms over the atrocities taking place in the inner cities of America today where black men are killing black men in outrageous numbers and yet take one incident involving a HISPANIC man claiming self defense, turn him into a WHITE man and try to pass the story off as a White man gunning down a defenseless Black Child over and over on just about every 24 hour news station and news outlet for almost 2 years and go march in the streets yelling ‘NO JUSTICE…NO PEACE’? That’s so hypocritical! I’m not sure I’d use some of the words this man used, but based on the color of his skin and probably his life experiences along the way, he’s more than paid for that seat. When it’s all said and done…you have to ask yourself…what’s his motive? It has to be to bring awareness to a double standard that has kept most of a race of people fighting to get out of poverty and the living conditions they obviously live in as a result of basic economics. And what was Zimmerman’s true motive? If you do ANY research on the man, you know it wasn’t because he was a racist. Did he sub-conscienceley think a strange looking black guy that he didn’t think belonged in the neighborhood in a hoodie, with his pants hanging down and no belt was more prone to commit crime in his neighborhood than a 42 year old white woman…probably…but statistics bare that out and if black people don’t like that visual, then clean up your act, pull your pants up, wear a belt and stop looking like a thug! You ever see a pic of President Obama looking like that? Oh, but I bet he’s yo’ man! And white kids…if you dress like that….expect to have the same eye on yo ass when you walk through a neighborhood and look like a stranger in it. This hash’t ever been about race as much as the media would love to make it out to be…it’s always been about self-defense and we can debate the right and whether it was self defense all day long, but you race baiting, wanna be victims can just go home. And one last thing…if I think somebody is following me and I’m in a strange place, I haul ass home, not circle back, pop out of the bushes, confront the guy not knowing why he’s following me or what he may have and then commence to beating on him and break his nose…so Trayvon chose to put himself in the middle of that fight…what he didn’t know was Zimmerman had a gun and was licensed to use it for self dense purposes. If he had lived, he would have made a different choice next time I would wager. Go Michael and Go Steelers!

One more thing…check out the link…7/14/13
Justice for Darryl
Makes his point spot on

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