Ryan Maloy (Avon, OH)

Ryan Maloy #5
Avon, OH (HS)
Quarterback (class ’19)

PrepStar has identified Ryan Maloy as a top Football prospect for the class of 2019. Ryan plays in the Spread Offense and shows mastery of the offense. As a passer, he displays a very quick, high release, and the ball comes out of his hands in a tight spiral. He displays excellent defensive recognition, reading the defense and then hitting the open WR. On quick passes he displays great accuracy, and he throws his passes at shoulder height. He also throws the seam routes very well, hitting the open area between or over the LB. On deep routes, streaks or fades, he throw a nice, high arc ball that allows the WR to easily come underneath the pass and make the catch. Ryan also possesses great athleticism and used his legs extremely well. He is a dual threat QB with great vision and instincts. Lots of upside potential for this rising prospect!

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