Where We Used to Eat if You Lived in Flatbush

Over the years I’ve been collecting various pictures of Brooklyn places on the internet that were familiar to me from the 1950’s through the 1970’s or so. Most of these places are long gone. Movie theaters and restaurants or types of places where we ate seem to be the two categories that I have the most pics of. Over the years I’ve posted Facebook albums of them like Restaurants and Movie Theaters. This time I’ll try to make a movie using Window’s Movie Maker of Our Favorite Flatbush Restaurants or in some cases, not exactly restaurants. It also includes a few places in the city or Coney Island because we, or at least I, ate there on some special occasions, but the majority are in Flatbush. I wish I could include every place I wanted to, but amazingly, there just aren’t pictures of them on the internet. For example, I’ve been searching the internet in what I think is every possible way for a picture of the Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor that was on Church Avenue around the corner from Erasmus. When I tell someone that, they invariably do a simple Google search and say, here it is. Of course, it’s a Jahns in Queens or another part of Brooklyn as if I didn’t think to do a simple search like that. Anyhow let’s call this version 1.0. If anyone has Flatbush pictures that I didn’t include, please send.

Edit: I was just asked “Where is the Dubrow’s on Kings Highway?” I actually had three pics of Dubrow’s ready to go but somehow in the transfer I left them out. If I add some new pics and have another revision, I will add that Dubrow’s.

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