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We get this question all the time. ⬇️

“How do I know you’re the best law firm to hire for my case?”

Attorney Michael Liner goes through 6 of the most important things to consider to make sure you’ve hired the best lawyer for your situation.

Hi, this is Disability Attorney Michael Liner. In this video, I wanna talk to you about a question
that I get all the time from my clients, which is, “How do I know that you’re the best lawyer for me to be working with?” And I think there’s several different ways that you can tell that you’re working with the best possible lawyer and the best possible law firm to help you with your case. Several different things: First of all, how engaged is the lawyer or law firm in the community, especially in your local community? You know, during the course of a disability case, the clients
are gonna have needs and it’s important- and that’s beyond just the disability case- it’s important that the lawyer that you choose is able to address those. Beyond just, you know, receiving cash benefits, which the disability case is, clients are gonna need, you know, SNAP benefits, formerly called food stamps, Medicaid, they may need assistance finding housing, they may have other issues if they’re going through a foreclosure, so a good question to ask the attorney is: “If these issues crop up, are you gonna be able to help expedite my case? Are you gonna be able to help refer me to other people or actually help me deal with those situations while I’m waiting for the disability process to be seen through?” Another way to know if you’ve hired the best disability law firm, the best disability lawyer, is if most of their practice is actually dedicated to handling disability cases. There’s a lot of lawyers out there that just take any case that walks in the door. I think that you should probably hire a lawyer who focuses most, if not all, of their practice on disability law. For me, the reason that I know that I give my clients good service and representing them in their disability case- it’s all I do! I eat, sleep, and poop disability law! And that’s why I know that I’m able to represent people effectively, because this is my life. I think that another way you can tell is: check online reviews, and not just a star rating or a number of reviews, actually read what people are saying. Especially, you know, with the advent of the Internet, people talk. If somebody’s doing a good job for their clients, that’s out there. If somebody is doing a bad job for their clients, that’s out there too. Other ways that I think you can tell, I would ask the client, you know, I would ask the attorney, are they, you know, really protecting the client from communicating with social security or is the client gonna have to be communicating with social security themselves during the process? One thing that we do in our office is, we don’t let our clients speak directly to social security because I know that they’re going to talk my clients into saying things that are harmful, even if that’s not accurate. So, it’s really important that you have an attorney who’s gonna limit the amount of
communication that they’re having with social security. And then, absolutely important to make sure you have the attorney: Do they return phone calls? Communication, communication, communication, it’s everything. And beyond just phone calls, emails, or any other form of contact that you wanna have with the attorney. You wanna know that the attorney that you hire when you have a question or concern is gonna get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. And then, of course, will the law firm build the case and how will they go about doing that and what will the structure be like? Are you gonna be working mostly with the attorney or you gonna be working with the support staff and, you know, will they lay out a plan for you so that you know, you know, who you’re dealing with and when and, you know, if that’s something that you’re comfortable with, then I think that you can know that you’ve hired the best attorney possible for your situation.

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