Akron Ohio Pizza Beating

Man Gets 4 Years In Pizza Parlor Beating
Ex-Con Hits Man At Least 7 Times After Girlfriend Cuts In Line

POSTED: 5:50 pm EST February 18, 2005

AKRON, Ohio — A brutal beating was caught on tape at an Akron pizza parlor, and now the man responsible is heading to jail.

Man Beats Pizza Parlor Customer
Mark Jones, a 35-year-old Akron man and former convict, was found guilty of felonious assault, and was sentenced to four years in prison.

The incident began when Prestia Sims cut in line in front of Joseph Scarpino at DaVinci’s in downtown Akron last July.

SLIDESHOW: Pizza Parlor Beating

Scarpino told his fiancé on his cell phone that it may take a little longer to get their pizza, and Sims overheard him.

Security video then shows Sims, infuriated by the comment, begin a long tirade at Scarpino. She swore at him, and even spat at a manager who tried to kick her out.

Then, Sims’ boyfriend, 35-year-old Mark Jones, stepped in.

Jones, who is 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 295 pounds, hit Scarpino at least seven times, while onlookers watched, doing nothing.

When it was over, Jones rolled Scarpino over and retrieved a cell phone he had dropped in the beating.

Even then, other customers did little to help as Scarpino nursed a broken eye socket, nose, a concussion and a chipped tooth.

Sims, who is also charged with felonious assault, is scheduled to go to trial March 16.

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