Canton, Ohio Disability Attorney | Go Nuts for Donuts: Episode #2 “Johnnie’s Bakery”

This week on “Go Nuts for Donuts” features a glazed donut rolled in cake crumbs from Johnnie’s Bakery in Canton, Ohio! One of the best donuts I’ve ever had! 🍩

*Jazz Music* Hey everybody. Disability attorney Michael Liner here down in Canton, Ohio today outside of one of my favorite bakeries in the area, Johnnie’s, Johnnie’s Bakery. A place that I visit quite frequently when I’m in the area but, one of the reasons that I love coming here is they always have some different things, and today we’re gonna go inside and see if they have anything new for me to try that I’ll tell, be sure to tell you about. So, let’s go have a look and see what they’ve got. *Jazz Music* Alright, so I just went inside of Johnnie’s Bakery in Canton and when I went inside, I can’t believe what I found, a donut that, I always dreamed something like this might exist. Every time I go to a bakery, I’m always torn between, do I want the glaze donut, or do I want the cake donut? Well Johnnie’s Bakery in Canton, Ohio my friends, has found a way to combine the two. Today on “Go Nuts for Donuts,” we’re gonna be taste testing right here for us, a glaze donut rolled in cake. Here we go. Oh my God. Are you kidding me right now? It’s like I’m losing my donut virginity right here on video. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m getting the texture of the cake donut which I love, a little bit dense with the same airiness that comes from a glazed donut. The donut is perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever given a five-star rating before on “Go Nuts for Donuts,” but today in Canton, Ohio, I am gonna give a five donut rating to the glazed donut rolled in cake crumbs from Johnnie’s Pastries in Canton, Ohio. This is truly phenomenal. I can die now

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