Custom homeless sleeping box

My name’s Adam, I’m from a small town called Randolph, Ohio. In between Akron, Youngstown and Kent, Ohio. I’ve done personal training and massage therapy careers, which never worked out well in Ohio. Building clients is hard for making income. Anyways, I’m now a carpenter, wood crafter & artist. I make anything from pallets or new to old wood, I do wood burning, you name it. Pallet furniture, laundry carts with casters underneath. Carpentry is on my dad’s side big time, but they’ve never customized anything the way I do. I’m especially building myself a tiny home on a small trailer I can pull down the road. Save money until I have an actual house and debt free.

Anyways, I wanted to do something for the homeless besides donating clothes and items all the time. I used my brain and came up with a portable box on wheels the homeless can sleep in. Dropped this off in Akron, Ohio in this Middlebury area with an old building on Broad st and E Market.. The organization is called Second Chance Village. Ran by homeless.. I framed it out, put white fiberglass sheeting around it that’s water proof. Made a lid with plywood, put my name all over it. With the wheels I ran a rod underneath, braced it on and popped the wheels on. I plan to make more, or make bigger ones for 2 people where you can walk in it bent over with wheels still… In the video you’ll see their village on the side of the building and inside where they have items for sale and computers they use. Tent city on the other side. They push each other with getting their documents. Please check out my Gifted Hands Wood Crafting page on Facebook at my work. Click the link.

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