LIVE Bird Feeder Cam – Recke, Germany (Bird Watching for Cats)

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The bird feeder camera is located in Recke (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) in our garden.
Here you can see a 360° panorama of the feeding station:
In the immediate vicinity there are more live cameras:
🦔 Ground Feeding Station:
🐿️ Squirrel Nesting Box:
🦉 Owl Nesting Box:
🐦 Bird Nesting Box:

The livestream has a 12 hour rewind function. Move the mouse over the red bar in the livestream.

The birds need your support. Feeding is only possible through my own expenses and voluntary donations. I’m very grateful for every little donation. Donation link:
Thanks a lot!

Do you have any questions or criticism? Here you will find answers to the most important questions: (german version included)

Blue titmouse, great titmouse, willow titmouse, marsh titmouse, long-tailed titmouse, woodpecker, wren, house sparrows, tree sparrow, greenfinch, robin, pheasant, barn owl, blackbird, nuthatch, chaffinch, warbler, dunnock, starling, sparrowhawk…

🌻 FEED 🌻
Sunflower seeds: *
Peanuts: *
Fat dumplings: *
Grain mix: *
Raisins: *

Sunflower seeds dispenser: *
Peanut dispenser: *
Fat dispender: *
Doubledecker feeding house: self-made
Big feeding house: self-made
Feeding tray: self-made
Fountain: self-made from a wooden bowl
Biofilter system with UVC: *

Camera: HIKVision DS-2CD2655FWD-IZS *
Microphone: Behringer C2 *
Phantom Power: Behringer PS400 *
Amplifier: Behringer HA400 *
POE-Switch: Netgear GS305P *
Streaming PC: ASRock DeskMini A300 *, AMD Ryzen 5 3400G, 8GB RAM
Streaming Software: Windows 10 *, OBS Studio

This bird feeder was part of a scientific project of the North Carolina State University (USA).
Result: The birds on this feeder are more active than on the compared Cornell Lab feeders in Sapsucker Woods (New York) and Canopy Lodge (Panama) because of the abundance of food and because of little species competition.

How to feed birds correctly (Prof. Dr. Peter Berthold): * (german version)
Who is Prof. Dr. Peter Berhold:

You have seen an interesting situation or a rare bird? Please write the exact timestamp in the chat. I check all chat messages of the day and make videos of all interesting events. Of course, everyone is invited to record their own videos and publish them on their own channel (please with a link to the livestream in the description; recommended: Movavi Screen Recorder Studio 10).

Be respectful. No political, religious, racist, sexual or offensive comments. No spam, no advertising for yourself and no comments about killing animals. We accept any language in chat! Most of the viewers come from the USA, so it would make most sense to write in English, but is not necessary. You should choose a language that is recognized by common translators. If the language cannot be translated, we unfortunately have to assume spam.

You can enter the following commands in the chat to get further information:
!weather – shows you the current weather in Recke with temperature, wind and humidity
!feed – shows the feed
!birds – shows the most frequently seen birds
!feedback – shows the feedback text
!rules – shows you the chat rules
!partners – shows a playlist of my favorite LIVE bird and animal cameras on Youtube

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