Pete Buttigieg Can’t Win Because He Has NO Black Support | Ep 484

Believe it or not, black people who grew up in the church are typically more socially conservative and just won’t get on board with a gay president. Even Pete Buttigieg’s own campaign research shows that! So he may be winning in Iowa, but no, he will not be winning in 2020. Then, did Eric Swalwell fart on live TV? Miller investigates. Lastly, a lot of people are disappointed by Chick-fil-A’s decision to stop donating to the Salvation Army. Miller says why he won’t stop eating at the fast-food chain.

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Find out what the mainstream media ISN’T telling you about the Trump administration. BlazeTV White House correspondent Jon Miller braves The Washington Hit Squad to cut through the fake news.

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Jon Miller is the host of “The White House Brief” on BlazeTV. He previously worked for Fox News, TheBlaze, and Mercury Radio Arts.

In his time in media, Jon has actively fought against leftist bias and attacks against black conservatives like himself.

Raised in a non-political household that valued a strong work ethic and individual responsibility, Miller was first introduced to conservatism by reading Whittaker Chambers, Friedrich Hayek, Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley Jr., Barry Goldwater, and Edmund Burke.

While attending Columbia University, he joined the College Republicans, but found them to be “too liberal” and then worked as an assistant for Glenn Beck at Fox News.

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