The Gluten Argument and the Loss of Oral Tolerance

Dr. Tom answers a question about the argument that pesticides are the real issue with wheat, not gluten.

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A Q&A Facebook Live Clip with Dr. Tom and Michelle Ross,’s Clinical Services Director.

Here’s a great question from Gary: He says “Dr. Tom, so many like to argue that gluten is not the issue, but the pesticides that are used. They use the argument that we’ve been eating gluten for generations without issues. How do you refute these health experts insisting on this?”

Dr. Tom: It’s a limited view. Those experts have not read enough diversity of studies. There is no question what they’re saying is true, there’s no question pesticides make it worse.

It’s called “Loss of Oral Tolerance.” Everyone has a problem with wheat when they eat it, whether they feel it or not, everyone gets Intestinal Permeability within 5 minutes of eating wheat, once it gets into the small intestine. Within 5 minutes. Just read the science, it’s very clear.

But don’t we have an entirely new body every seven years? Every cell in your body regenerates, some cells regenerate really quickly like the inside lining of your guts-every two to three days. Yes, that’s true also.

When you eat wheat, you tear the lining of your gut but it heals. They are the fastest-growing cells in the body but when you eat toast for breakfast you tear it, but it heals; a sandwich for lunch, you tear it, but it heals; pasta for dinner, you tear it but it heals. Every day for years and decades. It tears for everyone, everyone has this problem with wheat but you heal, so you don’t get any symptoms from it until one day you don’t heal anymore!

When you don’t heal anymore, the technical term is “Loss of Oral Tolerance.” That’s why I differentiated earlier – I never say everyone should give up wheat – I say “everyone should be tested to see if the immune system says you got a problem.” Because, when you lose oral tolerance now the immune system gets activated and you’re making antibodies to fight wheat – now you got a problem with it. This mechanism occurs for everyone, everyone has a problem with wheat.

Now the issue of pesticides, insecticides, GMO foods and glyphosate, they create much more inflammation and stress in the gut, so yes they fuel the fire so that you lose oral tolerance earlier. Here’s an example: Somebody who has a poor lifestyle and is getting an x amount of assault coming into their gut every day and their body handles it fine. The immune system says, “oh it’s fine, it’s not a big deal. But then one day they crossed that line, they continued to assault the gut and now their immune system wakes up and starts fighting it. They just created a “Loss of Oral Tolerance.” uses the most advanced lab medicine technology, The Zoomers, for testing food sensitivities and allergies, including wheat, dairy, corn, soy, lectins and more.

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