The Willeyville Restaurant East Bank Flats Cleveland, Ohio

The Willeyville is gathering place for food and drink, a place that strips away the formality of fine dining and has fun taking food and service seriously. Our cocktails are crafted using all house made juices, bitters, mixes of various sorts. Some cocktails are as old as John Willey (the first mayor of Cleveland) himself while other cocktails are a bit more modern, but all delicious.

Our menu is an ever changing homage to the lost art of homemade food, seasonal ingredients, and American cuisine. America is a melting pot and our cuisine draws upon many different influences. We have several comforting selections on our menu that are familiar. You also have plenty of room to explore different techniques, flavors, cultures, with an emphasis on house-made items.

We want to keep these crafts alive, while exploring new ways to present these dishes to you but make no mistake they have been around a long time.

It is exciting and humbling to be able to mix, cook, and serve you, we hope you enjoy it as much as we love doing it!


1051 W. 10TH STREET

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