Watch our Bellies Grow! Indoor Goat Camera

WELCOME to Syman Says Farms’ LIVE GOAT CAM
“Come For The Goats, Stay For The Family!”

BABIES Due in January, February and March 2020! Subscribe and hit the bell for notifications so you don’t miss the birth(s)!
Greta – Twins – Due Jan 5th 2020
Deanndra – Twins – Due Feb 25th 20202
Moo – Triplets – Due Feb 26th 2020
Sadie – Triplets – Due Feb 26th 2020
Rainey –Twins – Due Feb 26th 2020
Genevieve – Singleton – Due Feb 28th 2020
Charlotte – Twins – Due March 1st 2020
Lucy – Twins – Due March 3rd 2020
Amy – Too Early to Tell
Harper – Still hoping

——– Who are we??? ———-
Visit the Blog to read up on all the animals you see here on the Cam(s)
We are a small, 100% family owned and operated farm, located in Salem, CT. Here you will find our diverse herd of dairy goats play, eat, sleep and cause mischief 24/7/365… You can even watch them give birth LIVE and watch the babies grow up! (New babies coming in January AND March 2020). You can watch the humans, Liz aka The Goat Whisperer, Aaron, aka Mr. Swanky and our 4 children and many friends/visitors, stop in the barn to do chores, give love and just hang out with the goats. Things get wacky around here so watch at your own risk and be ready to fall in love, cry & laugh right alongside us.

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———- There’s FUN on the FARM all Week Long ———-
• WEDNESDAY – Wacky Wednesday – Tune in Wednesday evenings to watch the Goats get their favorite treats! ANIMAL CRACKERS!!!!!
• SATURDAY – LIVE Q&A with L&A – This is your time to ask any and all your goat questions! Come laugh with us as things usually take a turn down giggly lane!
• Sunday – Syman Says Saturday Episodes are (typically) uploaded… SSS is our weekly family vlog of what we do that Saturday. Join us for an adventure or work with us on one of the many projects around the farm!

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Please Read ALL Chat Rules Posted Below and Scroll through Recent Live Comments before asking ANY questions. It is Very likely you can find the answers somewhere below and will save the sanity of our Moderators 🙂

———- Please read ALL the Chat Rules ———-
Our main objective is to keep this chat welcoming to all, friendly, kind and educational.
If you can’t follow the rules, you will be removed without warning.
Recording, duplication, or distribution of our videos is strictly prohibited without permission.

• Just be nice, it’s amazing what happens when we’re all nice to each other.
• Be polite and respectful and speak to others how you would want to be spoken to
• No member is permitted to block an administrator or moderator of this group. In order to serve all members of the group sufficiently admins/mods need to be able to see and interact with all member. Blocking an admin/mod WILL result in your removal from the group.
• Please use English, we need a single language to be able to understand each other. If you’re not fluent, please use a translator such as Google Translate:
• Don’t post in ALL CAPS or use excessive emojis, letters or characters.
• We ask that you keep chat light and fun. Please don’t discuss other YT channels, politics, religion, race, sex, violence, or anything like that.
• This is a working farm, and we don’t sanitize the video or chat to avoid real life – goats are funny and playful and great to watch, but animals also mate, give birth, get sick, and sadly, die. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, please don’t watch and certainly don’t criticize. We have nearly a decade of Goat experience and consult our amazing Vet when in doubt. We do our absolute best for all our animals. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them!
• We welcome all goat lovers! We just ask you not to promote your farm, other farm channels or products here.
• Don’t ask to become a moderator. It’s earned. If we’re interested in your assistance, we will contact you.

• Disturbing the peace!
• Being intentionally disruptive, creating arguments or any other jerk-like behavior
• Inappropriate usernames
• Profanity
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• Not following the moderators’ instructions

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