Jovan & The Wild Things “Big Love Fest 2014” Akron, Ohio

Jovan & The Wild Things


There are some popular artists that when we see them perform, we automatically know that ‘on stage, in concert’
is where they absolutely belong. Absolutely, Jovan and the Wild Things firmly fit in that category. They are five
fabulous musicians who had interests in forming a band in high school, but did not seriously connect until after
graduation. About a year afterwards in 2012, Alex Urquhart(guitar), Dylan Conway(drums), and Jovan
Wilder(lead vocals) began working on music, writing original awesome tunes, and trying them out on eager
audiences of their peers, family, and fans in Akron and surounding areas. Eventually with the addition of
Corey(guitar, Dylan’s brother) and Spencer Cutlip(bass) these young energetic musicians fused to form a
musical coalition whose ear candy delectably attracts attention.
Their music and performances give evidence that they are embarking on a rare lineage to well deserved
significant level of acclaim. Lead singer Jovan Wilder appreciates artists like Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake
and countless others, that early on shaped his powerfully expressive, contrastingly smooth melodic and
captivating vocals. Each group member in his own rite has skillful musicianship; Dylan’s funky fresh drums,
Alex and Corey’s passionate electrifying guitars and Spencer’s driving rhythmic bass. It’s clearly audible and
visible that they vibe together to precision… Jovan and the Wild Things, collectively extraordinaire!
Some of the group’s music stylings are rich with the fun and whimsy that inspires dancers adorned with hoola
hoops to a carefree whirl and those who just want move, do so without inhabition at festivals and entertainment
venues. And there’s also their sensitively deep compositions, poetically lyrical modes that stimulate the numbest
senses. These fabulous five declare that they are… “Called to combat the tyranny of passionless music
everywhere!” And they are exceptionally talented, qualified to fullfil the glorious quest.
Their music is continually growing in popularity resulting in their fan base rapidly increasing. Attendance at
their performances have mostly been standing room only and/or sold out. They have played Musica, Akron’s
Love Fest, Highland Square Festival, Poalo’s and various arts and entertainment venues in their short time
together as a group and steadily gaining momentum. Several record label representatives are expressing an
interest in them and they are excited about the prospects. Many opportunities for bookings are being presented to
them and they are grateful that their schedule is being filled with doing what they truly enjoy and are ‘called’ to
Jovan and the Wild Things first radio interview was recorded at The Summit 91.3FM. A summit of something is
it’s ‘highest point of attainment’. Although they’ve only just begun, this multi-talented new music group is
definately charting their way to the summit of their careers and creatively generating a totally different music
menu that rates… Five Star!

Contact Ramahn Jemahl for booking at: 330-631-9115

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