Rolling Acres Mall [OLD] – Minecraft

The project is complete. I should give a little bit of background information:

This is based off of the Rolling Acres Mall in Akron Ohio, which was constructed in 1975. This mall is now abandoned and has been since Halloween of 2008. The version I built is the 2009 version. The reason the mall closed is because of financial issues. It began in 1991 when the mall fired the off duty police officers from working in there. Instead they hired cheap security guards. During a showing of a movie in the cinema, a fight broke out between two patrons. The people thought that they heard a gunshot and went scrambling through the mall. Afterwards, many people avoided the mall. Gang activity became a problem. In 1995, the mall began it’s decline. Then two of it’s most successful anchor stores downgraded to clearance centers. In 2000 the mall was sold. On October 31st, 2008, the mall’s power was cut due to nonpayment, not affecting Sears or JCPenney Outlet. And there sat Rolling Acres, decaying from water damage and moisture…

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