Rolling Acres Mall, Rebuilt – Minecraft


This is a completely different build than the original Rolling Acres Mall in Minecraft. It is meant to correct what was missed in the previous version. None of the original build was used for this. For anybody wondering, this build is set to take place around 2003.

History of Rolling Acres Mall:

This is based off of the Rolling Acres Mall in Akron Ohio, which was constructed in 1975. The mall has been rotting since October 31, 2008. The mall’s management eventually ran out of money for the mall’s budget after failing to save the non-profitable mall. Issues began in 1991 when the mall fired the off duty police officers from working in there. Instead they hired cheap security guards. During a showing of a movie in the cinema, a fight broke out between two patrons. Shoppers thought that they heard a gunshot and tore through the mall. Afterwards, many people avoided the mall in fear of encounters with more dangerous people. Gang activity became a problem at Rolling Acres. In 1995, the mall made a last-ditch effort to keep people in the doors by adding on a Target. This did not work. The mall lost business and began it’s decline. After target was added two of it’s most successful anchor stores downgraded to clearance centers. The mall had lost its shiny, new, upscale feel that it had when it had opened. In 2000 the mall was sold to an investor who attempted to rescue Rolling Acres. The efforts failed, and Rolling Acres plunged farther and farther into debt, at an accelerating rate due to its loss of stores. On October 31st, 2008, the mall’s power was cut due to nonpayment, not affecting Sears or JCPenney Outlet. Rolling Acres Mall was shuttered, but that did not stop Urban Explorers from wandering in and taking photographs. These photographs eventually made it on the internet, where they intrigued viewers and gave interest to the site of the dead Rolling Acres Mall. The mall went viral. Photographs of snow filled corridors were displayed on the news, attracting vandals and explorers alike. The mall was battered by guns and baseball bats. It was no longer salvageable… As of late October in 2016, demolition has begun on the former Rolling Acres mall.

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