This Generation is BRA|NWAHSED #GirlTalk

Hey #Queen Team, in this video I discuss how this generation is entirely influenced by a select YouTube group and how they should learn how to decipher between reality and entertainment. I hope I spoke to someone.

About Me:
Name: Chioma
Age: 21
Location: Toledo, OH for College. From Pennsylvania
Major: Business
Fun Facts:
1. I’m 5’10
2. I’m on the Modeling Team
3. My favorite color is Pink
4. I have 2 siblings, 1 older brother and 1 younger sister
5. My favorite food is potatoes

1. How old are you? 21
2. What college do you attend? University of Toledo
3. What is your major? Business Administration
4. What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro
5. What camera do you use? Sony Alpha 6000 with Kit Lens

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