All Systems Offline: Entry #6 (October 18, 2019)

While all systems are offline, anything is bound to happen.

In this episode of All Systems Offline, I travel to the Winchester Music Tavern, and the Symposium Nightclub, which are venues in Lakewood, OH! These venues mark their debut on the series’ namesake. I also showcase my headliner event at the Westside Bowl in Youngstown, OH for my first ever post-season conference! Stick around towards the 44 minute mark!

While going to these venues, I have heard things about the Winchester Music Tavern. Honestly, I was pleasant surprised! Personally, I thought it roughly had the same occupant capacity as the Vortex in Akron, OH, which is HUGE for small to medium-size venues. The bands showcased at the Winchester Music Tavern did absolutely amazing that night! Two bands were coming from out-of-state as well as a metal act coming straight from Italy! Italy is my heritage country as I am 25% Italian. Fun fact about me haha!

Here are the bands that were showcased from The Winchester Music Tavern in Lakewood, OH:

Another Day Dawns (Lehighton, PA)
University Drive (Scranton, PA)
Awake For Days (Nuoro, IT)

Next is the Symposium Nightclub in Lakewood, OH! The Symposium Nightclub is actually next door to the Phantasy Nightclub as it is owned and managed by the same people that operate the Symposium Nightclub. The Phantasy Nightclub made its debut on Entry #22 of the first season of Codename: Project Space. The bands that were featured during filming did absolutely amazing! Some of you will probably some of these acts from previous Entries of the namesake! Two bands make their debut on the namesake as they are coming from overseas! One from Canada, and one from the United Kingdom!

Here are the bands that were featured during filming from the Symposium Nightclub in Lakewood, OH:

Two Dead Roses (Akron, OH)
A Primitive Evolution (Toronto, ON)
PIG (London, UK)

And finally, the last segment for this Entry took place at the Westside Bowl in Youngstown, OH! During filming for this segment, this served as a test for me as this was my first headliner show as well as hosting an event. Basically killing two birds with one stone that night haha. The event marked the holding of the first-ever Codename: Project Space Post-Season Conference! Every time a season begins and ends, I make plans to host an event that showcases acts that were already on the show as well as show some newcomers! Great turnout that night! I would like to thank everyone that came out that night to show their support not only for me, but to the other acts that performed! There was a LOT of interference and feedback from the PA system, but I powered through. Still had to take care of business. 😎 As some may not be aware, this was Anttixs’ last show as a band, but they are not done musically. Filming for this Entry was rather interesting as I was using a projector while I was performing. That’s why I was making all of those lyric videos ;). I was also running very low on water towards the end of my set as I was getting into it at times hahaha. But hey, sometimes you just gotta wing it.

Here are the acts that were featured at the Westside Bowl in Youngstown, OH:

Anttixs (Youngstown, OH)
AKA Sheamus (Warren, OH)
Chris Lombardii (Cleveland, OH)
Travis Heeter (Vienna, OH)

I also want to thank the owner as well as the staff of the Westside Bowl for making this event become a reality. This would not have been possible without everyone’s support!

Stay tuned for the next Entry.


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All music rights belong to all of the featured performing acts on this Entry.

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