Bob Dylan – Roanoke, VA, Berglund Performing Arts Theatre (10th November 2018) [Full Concert]

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New video for you today, and from 2018 again! Another incredible night has surfaced, the third with It’s Man’s Man’s World by James Brown. This is the 27th concert of the 2018 US Fall Tour and the 69th of the year. Excellent show as always, with the James Brown as a nice ending. Big thank you to Bach for recording this night.

This year we are marking the 30th anniversary of the Never Ending Tour, Bob constant touring around the world since Concord, CA, June 7th 1988. In 30 years, Bob radically changed his style and voice multiple times, releasing 14 studio albums (from Down In The Groove to Triplicate), and playing almost 3000 concerts.

The US Fall Tour is in Virginia, with exceptional performances from start to finish. This tour will definitely go down as a highlight of Bob late-music career. This is the third performance of the James Brown classic: It’s A Man’s Man’s World. Dylan and his Band are always wonderful, and Bob voice never sounded so good, especially on the ballads like Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright. Many thanks to Bach for providing us this tape. gave it an excellent review:

Here is the setlist

1. Intro (Rites Of Spring) / Things Have Changed 00:00
2. It Ain’t Me, Babe 06:21
3. Highway 61 Revisited 10:51
4. Simple Twist Of Fate 15:23
5. Cry A While 21:00
6. When I Paint My Masterpiece 26:20
7. Honest With Me 32:29
8. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven 37:15
9. Scarlet Town 42:11
10. Make You Feel My Love 47:50
11. Pay In Blood 52:41
12. Like A Rolling Stone 58:05
13. Early Roman Kings 1:05:33
14. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 1:11:25
15. Love Sick 1:18:22
16. Thunder On The Mountain 1:23:42
17. Soon After Midnight 1:30:41
18. Gotta Serve Somebody 1:34:57

Encore 1:39:30
19. Blowin’ In The Wind 1:42:08
20. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World (James Brown) 1:47:25

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Credits to for the informations and for their reviews. The first picture is the official poster for the tour.
My next videos will be a mix of 1993 shows and onwards, and of course the usual new 2018 shows. I will continue to work on the next volumes of Blood On The Tracks live.

As always, if you have more requests for shows or sessions you’d like to hear, send me a message or leave a comment below.

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