Codename: Project Space Entry #10 (September 15, 2018)

In this episode of Codename: Project Space, my crew member, Ty Phillips and I head to The Vortex Concert Club in Akron, OH to check out a few local metal bands as well as acts from the other side of the state! We have been active with the series for over two months now, and just 10 episodes later, we’re just getting started! We got the chance to interview two of the bands that performed that night. First, we have Glassworld, hailing from Cincinnati, OH, which hits the Vortex at full force with their driving metal sound! Next, we catch the band Grimm Trigger, hailing from Willoughby, OH, they hit the stage with their mix on rap and metal. And lastly, we feature Mettal Maffia, hailing from Youngstown, OH, is one of the busiest acts from the city and has a following that is continuously growing! The three acts featured as well as the rest of the bands killed it that night! Please give them a listen and check them out!

Also, at the end, I showcase a sample of my upcoming debut single, Uprising! This is the first step to the infancy of the next album as well as Entry #1 to Beta Access! Soon after Entry #10 of Project Space, there will be more news to come for the growth of the series, so stay tuned!

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