Codename: Project Space Entry #33 (March 2, 2019)

In this episode of Codename: Project Space, I travel to The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood, OH for the very first time! It is a smaller venue in the area, but the atmosphere of the venue is amazing! That night was very interesting as there was a lot of diversity between the bands performing! After the show, I was able to catch Trey from the band, Verses, and Jeremy from TØMØRRØWS GHØSTS and go behind the scenes on the origins of their acts and what inspired them to take the route in this field! Very great turnout! Excellent job, guys! Jeremy and the rest of band from TØMØRRØWS GHØSTS will be performing along with Combichrist on Friday, May 3 at the Winchester Music Tavern in Lakewood, OH! Check them out! Also, check out the bands that are featured on this episode! They really shook the floor that night! Here are the bands that were showcased:

Two Dead Roses (Akron, OH)
FAWX (Cleveland, OH)
Verses (Louisville, KY)

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