Lou Reed – Live 1975 Rock and Roll Heart Tour (Full Album)

This is the first CD of the – The Many Faces of Lou Reed – set.

The Rock and Roll Heart Tour, an extremely creative period in Lou Reed´s career, fresh signing a new record contract with Arista Record and also with an invigorated feeling fueled by the birth of Punk. Back then, his backing band was composed by – Michael Fonfara, Bruce Yaw, Marty Fogel and Michael Suchorsky. Together they managed to give the classic repertoire a very particular sound.

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01. Sweet Jane
02. Kill Your Sons
03. Charley´s Girls
04. How Do You Think It Feels
05. Lisa Says
06. You Wear It So Well
07. Satellite Of Love
08. Berlin
09. The Kids
10. Oh Jim!
11. I´M Waiting For The Man
12. Walk On The Wild Side
13. Coney Island Baby
14. Heroin

For the most part of the 70s, Lou Reed reigned as the king of the underground, the so-called dark poet, the underground Dylan, the man who embraced ‘glam’ as one of the many steps towards a decadent world which quite often he enjoyed himself. Lou Reed was dangerous, to listen to him was a sin, but most of all, he was a mystery, for both his black legend that was his tenure with The Velvet Underground, and for this androgynous poses on the covers of albums such as Transformer, Sally Can´t Dance or Rock and Roll Animal; for that drug-fueled rock opera that was his album titled Metal Machine Music, without a doubt, one of the most extreme records ever released.
In the 80s, a lot of alternative bands started mentioning Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground as their main influences. Due to this Lou started to enjoy a cult status that reached its peak with the release of his album New York – in 1989. New York was the record that most recent and ardent fans wanted to hear. From that moment on, Lou started to enjoy a mainstream appeal that had been elusive until then. These days, any rock fan can see Lou´s body of work and agree on the fact that is one of the richest, boldest and most creative in rock´s history; a catalog that can make you discover something new every time you listen to it.
In this collection we will pay tribute to him by travelling thru his lesser-known recordings, live concerts and also by revisiting his unforgettable songs.

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