Pan-African Music and Dance | Kent State World Music

Fri Nov 22nd 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Ludwig Recital Hall, 44242, Center for the Performing Arts, 1325 Theatre Dr, Kent, OH 44243, USA

Kent State’s Steelpan and African Ensemble’s present their Fall concert featuring a diverse array of music and guests, including Akron-based, genre-blending musician Jul Big Green. The ensembles are led by Dr. Janine Tiffe.


Pagliacci Ruggiero Leoncavallo

arr. Jeff Jones

Tim Culver,° tenor

Cathy Poremba, piano

Mark Butto,+ drum set

RPM Steel Band

Ethel Blue Boy

arr. Tom Miller

Confusion Reggae Cliff Alexis

RPM Steel Band

Hey Ya! Andre 3000

Jul Big Green+

RPM Steel Band & Asé Xpressions

More about Jul Big Green as

Boboobo Ewe – Ghana

Shane Barnowski,* trumpet

African Ensemble & Asé Xpressions

Boboobo is a musical creation with roots in Ghana’s independence and highlife music. Also known as Agbeyeye or Akpese, Boboobo originated from Kpando in the Volta Region of Ghana through the ingenuity of Francis Cudjoe Nuatro. Boboobo is presently the most popular social music and dance of the central and northern Ewes of Ghana and Togo. It is generally performed at funerals and other social occasions. Boboobo music and dance ceremony is performed principally in a circular formation.

Kpanlogo Ga – Ghana

African Ensemble & Asé Xpressions

Kpanlogo is the most recent of all Ga recreational dance drumming musical types, and offshoot of Gome, Oge, Kolomashie, and Konkoma. Kpanlogo emerged during the wake of Ghana’s independence as a dance-drumming musical type for entertainment in Accra mostly for the youth. This music is therefore described as the dance of the youth. Kpanlogo is presently performed at various social and political events in Ghana.

Free and open to the public.

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