Vinyl Square Fall Tour 2017 Documentary

A documentary of Vinyl Square’s Fall Tour 2017 from original home footage taken along the way Aug 31-Sept 18.

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Video edited by Connor Wyke.
All live and recorded music performed by Vinyl Square.
All cover music performed does not belong to Vinyl Square.

Vinyl Square is:
Jon McNamara: lead vocals, guitar, keys
Connor Wyke: lead guitar, drums, vocals
Mike Dee: lead guitar, drums, keys, vocals
Benjamin Andrews: bass, vocals

AUG 31- Tennessee Brew Works, Nashville, TN
SEPT 2- O’Connor Brewing Co., Norfolk, VA
SEPT 5- Hard Rock Cafe, Philadelphia, PA
SEPT 7- Franco American Club, Westford, MA
SEPT 8- Sunset Tiki Bar, Westford, MA
SEPT 9- The Parlour, Providence, RI
SEPT 11- Mr. Small’s Funhouse, Pittsburgh, PA
SEPT 12- The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA
SEPT 14- Empire Concert Club, Akron, OH
SEPT 18- Mag Bar, Louisville, KY

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