“Fulfilling The Dream” Concert 2019 with Rev. James Lawson

A Concert to Promote Social Justice Action in Los Angeles

Rev. James M. Lawson, Guest Speaker
Featuring: C3LA, Commonwealth Community Chorus, DLW Community Chorale, Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, Reseda Mass Choir, Selah Gospel Choir, Tonality, Top Shelf, VOX Femina, and the First Congregational Church Cathedral Choir, and John West, Organist

Assembly led by Mr. Alexander Lloyd Blake
Lift Every Voice and Sing (James and Rosamond Johnson)
Mass Choir led by Dr. David Harris
Shed a Little Light (James Taylor, arr. David Harris)
FCCLA Cathedral Choir Dr. David Harris
Mr. Corona de los Santos and Ms. Molly Pease, soloists
Ella’s Song (Bernice Johnson Reagon)
Prayer Ms. Melanie Edmunds
Selah Gospel Choir Mr. David Saul Lee
Deep River, My Lord (arr. Michael Martin)
Assembly led by Dr. James Calhoun
Mr. David Saul Lee and Ms. Kathryn Shuman, soloists
Wade In The Water
DLW Community Chorale Dr. James Calhoun
I’m Gonna Sing ‘Till The Spirit Moves In My Heart
(Moses Hogan)
C3LA The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles Mr. Fahad Siadat, conductor
He Would Not Stay (Peter Walters)
Commonwealth Community Chorus Dr. David Harris
Chico Gospel (Karisha Longaker, arr. David Harris)
While We Continue To Ask Ourselves…Why (Suzette Shaw)
Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles’ Aftershock
Mr. Gavin Thrasher, Mr. David Pannell II, soloist
Angel Down (Lady Gaga)
Assembly led by Dr. Iris S. Levine of VOX Femina
This Little Light Of Mine
VOX Femina Dr. Iris S. Levine
Stand Upon The Rock (Rollo Dilworth)
Top Shelf Mr. Aaron Schumacher
Oh, How Beautiful This Finely Woven Earth (Greg Jasperse)
Reseda Mass Choir Ms. Gabrielle Thompson
‘Tis So Sweet (William Kirkpatrick and Louisa Stead)
Introduction Judge Robert E. Ward
Message Rev. James M. Lawson of Holman
United Methodist Church
Assembly led by Mr. David Saul Lee of Selah Gospel Choir
Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round
Charge and Benediction Rev. Dr. R. Scott Colglazier
Mass Choir led by Mr. Sherdale Smith of
Reseda Mass Choir
Mr. Corona de los Santos, Ms. Molly Pease,
and Dr. David Harris, soloists
I’m Gon’ Stand (Bernice Johnson Reagon)
Postlude John West
Roll, Jordan, Roll Ralph Simpson
*Ralph Simpson was organist at Dr. King’s church

“When people bow down and worship at the shrine of money they are being deprived of their most precious endowment—the possibility of living life in its fullness and its endless beauty.” ~Dr. King

The 1963 March on Washington championed civil and economic rights. With a justice system that functionally enslaves young men of color, voter discrimination and restriction, ongoing police shootings and racial profiling, and other challenges that disproportionately affect the African American community, not to mention rampant discrimination against immigrants, ongoing attacks on the non-cisgender community, and women continuing to struggle for equal rights, the work that Dr. King helped to inspire continues in earnest. The goals for economic justice, however, have gone backward. We live in the Second Gilded Age, a time when less than 1% of 1% of our neighbors control all the wealth and power. The sad part is that we yield to them, that our personal greed allows us to participate easily in a system that so disproportionately values the few over the many.

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