How to Deal With Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company is ADAMANT in finding ways to deny your disability. It’s important to have a conversation with your doctor about providing updates to the insurance company along the way and to look out for opinion approvals from other doctors that are just looking for a quick payday.

So as we mentioned earlier we had a client who had an insurance company that investigated a hundred plus time in just 15 months. So what can you do? What are your responsibilities? Well, the first thing that everyone should do who’s receiving long term disability is to have a conversation with their doctors. Now you probably already did have a conversation with your doctor when you file for disability, but that’s not the end of the story. Part of those hundred-plus contacts that we saw in that file, were also contacts that were made to the treating providers, to the doctors. Now what you should do is let your doctor know that yes, thank you. You helped me by filing that initial medical source statement or attending physician statement, whatever the insurance company wants to call it, but they’re gonna look for updates. What they also do is they often generate information with their own doctors. These are doctors that they just pay, doctors that don’t even work for the insurance companies, doctors that are just looking for a quick payday. Sometimes these doctors give opinions that are really unhelpful, and you know what they do with those? They send them to the doctor and they ask your treating doctor: “Do you agree with his opinion?” And oftentimes the opinion is that you can return to your full-time work. Now, if your doctor’s busy like most doctors are your doctor might just quickly check a box and that checking a box might lead to a finding of not disabled. So again, it’s really important that you have a conversation with your doctors in order for them to be ready to receive information because those a hundred plus visits into your fil are probably going to be used to deny you disability benefit.

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