The Road to Iowa: Days Three and Four

A weekend of adventures in Akron, Ohio, and South Bend, Indiana. The team stays on a farm in Indiana, talks to community organizers and community members in Akron, and finds out from locals which Democratic candidate they think will fight for the biggest changes in their communities. Is South Bend all Team Mayor Peter or has he soured them? Watch now and find out!

The Tylt team is hitting the road! The Iowa caucuses are February 3, 2020, but the 2020 election is so much more than just a vote. Young people all over the United States are fighting for their communities and trying to make a change, and we want to show what’s really going on! Join Jessie, Aasha and Jon every day on their road trip to meet incredible people doing the work – and having some fun adventures along the way.

Follow the crew on their journey with live updates!
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