5 More Most Haunted Places In Ohio

Moonville Tunnel

The tiny town of Moonville sprang up in the 1850s as a result of the coal mining that was taking place throughout southeastern Ohio. The Moonville tunnel marked the entrance to the town for the Marietta and Cincinnati railroad. The town itself wasn’t around long, maybe 30 years or so, before modern advances in mining made small mining towns like Moonville obsolete. By the time the 1900s rolled around, the town was all but abandoned already. Today, all that remains of the town of Moonville is a small cemetery and the tunnel. Of the two, the ghosts have chosen to make the tunnel their haunting ground.


George Adams came to Ohio from Virginia in 1808. His father had been a prosperous plantation owner with more than 500 acres of land in Faquier and Loudon Counties, a large number of slaves and a tremendous fortune. With the death of his father, when George was a young man, he inherited the entire estate and proceeded to do something that few Virginia gentlemen of the time would have done — he sold the plantation and freed his slaves. Adams was a devout Christian and abolitionist and believed that for one man to own another was a sin against God. He took the money from the sale of the plantation and purchased a large tract of land in Ohio, as well as wagons and provisions to move west to this new land. Ohio had been entered into the Union as a “free state” in 1803 and offered great promise in the eyes of the young man.

LITTLE SUGAR CREEK – Bellbrook, Ohio

Many years ago, the small town of Bellbrook, which is located near Dayton, acquired quite a reputation for stories of ghosts and haunts. In fact, it was nick-named “Ohio’s Sleepy Hollow” by local residents. Outside of town, along Little Sugar Creek Road and near Magee Park is a small river called Little Sugar Creek. It is said to be haunted by two different ghosts, with two different stories to tell. The first ghost is that of an Englishman named James Buckley, who built a sawmill on the creek, which was then known as Possum Run Creek. Buckley managed to become quite wealthy and was envied by many who lived in the area. Then one morning, his cabin was raided and his money disappeared. Buckley was killed in the attack and his body was found outside… minus his head. That portion of his anatomy was found a short distance away, bloody and covered with dirt and mud.

Boston Mills – Hell Town

Hell Town – a dark, foreboding place where ghosts, cults, and serial killers lurk. An entire town, cursed and frighteningly dangerous after dark. Of course we were intrigued, so we visited Hell Town. You may be surprised at what we found.

Is Tinker’s Creek haunted or cursed, as some say? And if so, then why?

Understanding the mystery of Tinker’s Creek first requires a look back at its history. And its history is quite mysterious indeed. Historical records prior to the twentieth century are sparse. An Ottawa tribe resided on the land sometime prior to 1786. It is not known how long the Ottawas occupied the land, but what is known is that that they suddenly abandoned their huts and left the area. Their escape may have been due to encroaching white settlers from New England, or from growing hostility by other nearby Native American tribes. Or perhaps… from something else.

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