Contract Manufacturing Show – Akron OH – Design 2 Part Show

Find your Custom Parts Suppliers right here, face to face!

Visit the largest Contract Manufacturing Show coming to John S. Knight Center Oct. 12 & 13, 2016.

Meet face to face with hundreds of contract manufacturing experts who will help you solve your manufacturing problems and help you make your parts better, faster and for less!

From design ideas, to custom and stock parts, thru final assembly, you will find the instant answers you need at this show. Manufacturers nationwide, rely on Design-2-Part Shows as the most efficient place to meet high-quality, reliable American job shops and contract manufacturers.

Designed for busy engineers & purchasing personnel
Finding trustworthy contract manufacturers who can provide flexible, cost-effective solutions, and scale up with growing organizations is critical. There is no better way to identify new outsourcing partners than spending even one half-day at this show.

Conveniently located between Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh, the John S. Knight Center is easily reached by several major highways including I-71, I-76, I-77 and I-271, U.S. 8 and the Ohio Turnpike, and features plenty of convenient parking.

Some of the manufacturing categories include:

pcb manufacturing companies
stainless steel stampings
steel fabricator
custom metal fabrications
metal fabrication stainless steel
sheet metal fabrications
sheet metal fabrication companies
aluminum sheet metal fabrication
precision metal fabricators
precision metal stampings
metal stampings
sheet metal fabricating
sheet metal stampings
aluminum sheet metal suppliers
3D Printing Companies
3d printers
3d prototype companies
3d prototyping
3d rapid prototyping
Aluminum Casting companies
Aluminum Casting suppliers
Aluminum casters
Aluminum fabrication
Aluminum fabrication companies
Aluminum fabricator
Anodizing companies
Automation manufacturers
Automation software companies
CAD design companies
CAD/CAM Design Services
CNC machining companies
CNC milling companies
CNC swiss milling companies
CNC swiss turning companies
Ceramic Parts manufacturing
Circuit board manufacturers
Cnc metal fabrication
Cnc prototyping
Cnc rapid prototyping companies
Contract electronic manufacturer
Contract PARTS manufacturers
Contract manufacturing companies
Contract manufacturing services
Contract manufacturing shows
Contract manufacturing suppliers
Custom Label manufacturers
Custom aluminum fabricators
Custom die castings
Custom fasteners
Custom injection molding companies
Custom metal fabricators
Deep Drawn Casting companies
Deep Drawn Casting suppliers
Die Casting companies
EDM companies
EMI/RFI Shielding companies
Electromechanical Assemblies
Electronic Assemblies
Electronic Component suppliers
Electronic assembly manufacturing
Electronic assembly services
Electronic circuit board suppliers
Electronic companies
Electronic contract manufacturer
Electronic contract manufacturing companies
Fabricated aluminum companies
Fabricated aluminum parts
Fabrication companies
Fastener manufacturers
Fasteners & Hardware distributors
Finishing companies
Finishing services
Finishing suppliers
Four slide Stampers
Four slide Stampings
Gear grinding
Gear making services
Grinding companies
Grinding services
Gun drilling suppliers
Injection mold makers
Injection molding companies
Inspection equipment
Investment Castings
Investment casting companies
Jig grinding companies
Laser Cutting companies
Laser Machining companies
Lost wax casting companies
Machining companies
Machining shops
Manufacturing companies
Manufacturing service companies
Manufacturing services
Manufacturing shows
Manufacturing suppliers
Manufacturing tradeshow
Mechanical assemblies
Mechanical component companies
Medical contract manufacturing
Medical device companies
Medical device manufacturing
Metal Stamping companies
Metal Stampers
Metal extrusions
Metal fabrication companies
Metal fabricator
Metal finishers
Metal forming companies
Metal plating companies
Metal punching companies
Metal stamping companies
Metal welders
Metal welding companies
Mold making companies
PCB suppliers
Pcb assembly companies
Pcb fabrication companies
Pcb manufacturing companies
Photochemical Etching companies
Photochemical machining suppliers
Plastic Extrusion companies
Plastic injection molding companies
Plastic injection molding suppliers
Plastic machining companies
Plastic machining suppliers
Plastic manufacturing companies
Plastic molding companies
Powder coaters
Powder coating suppliers
Precision metal fabrication companies
Precision sheet metal companies
Printed Circuit Boards manufacturers
Printed circuit board assembly
Progressive die Stampers
Prototype 3d
Prototype companies
Prototype services
Prototyping companies
Rapid prototypers

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