How To Overhead Squat – The Ultimate Guide To Dominating the OH Squat

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It’s not easy to do certain movements in the world of Crossfit and this one is absolutely one of the toughest there is. The reason why the OH squat is so tough is due to it’s all encompassing nature.

There are lots of tough movements in Crossfit. Snatch will test your upper body strength like nothing else. Strict pull-ups are another killer. But nothing will test both your upper and lower body quite like this movement.

Not only do you need to have great upper body strength to get the heavy weights over you head and locked out. But you also have to squat that heavy weight. In one movement your entire body get’s worked.

Your core play another crucial role. Its what stabilizes your body as you begin to move your body into the squat position.

Then of course is the fact that you MUST be super mobile. We get asked all the time how to overhead squat and the first thing we recommend is getting your mobility in check. There’s no way you’re going to do this correctly if you can’t easily and correctly get into a good standard squat.

On top of that your grip should be good and your shoulder mobility needs to be nearly perfect as well. You’ll find yourself tipping right over if you don’t have the ability to get your shoulders in the right position and of course 100% locked out.

Grip strength also comes into play as you need to be able to get your wrists in position to hold the weight over your head while you begin to squat. There’s nothing worse than worrying if you’re going to drop the bar on your head!

All of these things come into play when trying to master the Overhead Squat and like all things in CF you need to work your progressions. Don’t go out and try to throw a bunch of weight above your head and knock out a bunch of reps…. It imply won’t happen, at least not with good form anyways.

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