Ohio BMV License & Permit Test #1

Before you attempt the Ohio BMV examination for your driver’s license or permit, use practice tests and study videos you can trust.

Take as many tests as you can and aim for a score of at least 90%. It is the best way to pass your license examination.

The questions in this video is from verified tests and the large database with real questions at https://driversprep.com/ohio. You can use these tests with confidence and you will always have access to free support from the Driver’s Prep team.

The real Ohio BMV test has 40 questions, of which 20 deals with Ohio traffic rules and safe driving. See if you can answer each question in this video before the real answer is revealed. If you aren’t sure about answers, always check the text presented in the official Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws. All questions and answers are from this handbook. Keep it handy as a reference and study guide.

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