Time Lapse Travel – Canton Ohio to SoCal – 2500+ miles in under 4 min.

The video follows this route: http://g.co/maps/mv6p6

This was shot July 25-28th 2011 on a road trip across (most of) the U.S.A. The video starts in Canton OH and ends in San Diego County, CA by way of Flagstaff AZ and the Grand Canyon National Park.

Did you see the Gateway Arch? How about the south rim of the Grand Canyon? More than once? Spot the group of deer holding up traffic in the park? Spot any Route 66 signs? The clouds in HD are nice.

The images were captured every 5 seconds using a Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth wide angle camera (170 degrees). Over 28,000 images (49.41GB) were converted into a 30fps movie file using QuickTime. The original frames and movie files are 4:3 so I cropped the top and bottom to get the wide 16:9 format. The playback speed was increased 400% so you can travel over 2540 miles in under 4 minutes instead of 3 & 1/2 days of driving!

The first stretch of driving was 1040 miles from Canton to Oklahoma City before some much needed sleep (one driver). The 2nd day we drove over 800 miles before stopping at the Meteor Crater Rest Area for a short nap before sunrise. The 3rd day we drove through Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon National Park where we spent the morning at the visitor center and photographing the canyon. Then we headed east on E. Rim Drive to Desert View. From there we headed back west and stopped at all the view points along the way to photograph the canyon at sunset. We stopped that night for some much needed sleep in Kingman AZ and the next morning we drove on home to San Diego County.

My drive-lapse movies are unique because of the sheer number of frames. I am able to speed things up faster yet you still see each mile driven. I don’t jump from one city to the next, no gaps. Every mile I drove is here.

If the video seems jerky in 1080p then watch the 720p version but make sure you watch this in HD.

Check out the eastbound trip here: http://youtu.be/dNA5qFv1iuU?hd=1

Music: Thought Police

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