Are you looking for small business coaches in the Akron Ohio area? You need Business Roundtables serving Cleveland and Akron Ohio.

Business Roundtables not only provides you a registered small business coach with decades of experience as a coach, but also the counsel of peers in a peer advisory board setting once a month.

Gary Fitzmartin is a small business coach and facilitates Business Roundtables in Akron Ohio which provides small business owners with a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment where they can meet with peers to discuss and solve common business problems.

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Small Business Coaches In The Akron Ohio Area

Hi! My name is Gary Fitzmartin and I wanted to talk with you for just a moment about why people join Business Roundtables.

Business Roundtables is a peer advisory board for business owners and entrepreneurs.

The majority of people join because they are experiencing one or more challenges and they are really looking for some help in how to deal with them.

Being able to meet with a group of business owners like themselves, and who have experienced the same or similar problems, gives them an opportunity to brainstorm options with people who understand what they do!

These fellow business owners can provide guidance passed on their experience and often help fellow members avoid making the same mistakes that they made.

Remember, our goal in Business Roundtables, is to keep the cost of tuition for the School of Hard Knocks as low as possible.

Have a great day!

When looking for small business coaches in the Akron Ohio and Cleveland Ohio area, call Gary Fitzmartin at 330-814-6835 to learn about joining one of our peer advisory boards.

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Small Business Coaches Akron Ohio

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