Warning im getting a lot of emails about this place. I heard they have now put up cameras so explore at your own risk. I just don’t want anybody watching this video getting the idea of going and getting arrested because they saw this video.Special thanks to Smoke Screen for letting us use there music in this video. You can find the song Adrenaline produced by Z. Quizzy that was in this video and there new album at was a real fun one. The first time we went to this amazing campus we underestimated how big it was and had run out of daylight. This time we went up there before the sun had come up with clevelandmarko from youtube and really got to explore everything!!!! we go to see the chapel,movie theater, bowling alley, and the basement with a chemical lab, vault, and a creepy shrine. Special thanks to cleveland marko and chuck for exploring with me !!! Also again to smoke screen for letting us use there dope music!!!

More info on 5 a.m. at the Abandoned VA Hospital in Brecksville, OH

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