Over the past week, I have been railfanning all around Summit and Stark Counties in Northeast Ohio. The turnouts have been nothing less than terrific. From Remote Control Operations in Brewster to Rio Grande Geeps, I have seen almost every type of engine the Wheeling has to offer. This is the Akron portion of the week, filmed on June 3rd. Please, enjoy the video and be sure to look out for the other part!

0:00 – ABC Railway’s Yard Operations (Photo Only). WE 103 (GP35-3) is seen in the foreground sitting quietly while ABC 1502 is throttling up and switching.

0:07 – ABC 1502 is seen throttling between two sets of cars. Sadly this would be the only video I would film of 1502, but not the last time I will ever see it, as I for sure plan on coming back later in summer.

1:05 – WE 302 (GP40-3) pulls a short train towards AC&Y Junction. 302 is one of two GP40-3s painted in Rio Grande, both of which will be seen in the two parts.

1:45 – CVSR 800 pulling the scenic train into Akron Northside for it’s 2:30PM arrival. This would be the final train of the day, but hopefully I will be back in the area soon as I am on summer break.

More info on ABC Railway, W&LE Railway, and CVSR Around Akron, OH! (6/3/16)

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