Chapter 7: A trip through Akron en route to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton. Hint: You may want to stick around after my normal end credits.

More info on Akron-Canton: The Short Road to the NFL Hall of Fame

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    Canton was founded in 1805, incorporated as a village in 1822, and re-incorporated as a city in 1838. Bezaleel Wells, the surveyor who divided the land of the town, named it after Canton (a traditional English name for Guangzhou, China).The name was a memorial to a trader named John O'Donnell, whom Wells admired.

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    Akron - Canton, OH. Both Akron and Canton share a proud heritage as industrial centers of the American heartland. To keep up with the times, both have diversified their economies from heavy industry to service, finance and technology – and have become communities that are as much a joy to live in as they are to visit.

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    The Port of Cleveland is a bulk freight shipping port at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.It is the third-largest port in the Great Lakes and the fourth-largest Great Lakes port by annual tonnage. E[›]

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