ombc ( Ohio mountain bike championship ) is one of the leading race competitions in Ohio. Sunday August 27th I was out at the Dillon State Park competing in the men’s novice open class. it was one of the best moments I’ve ever had on my mountain bike and one of the absolute toughest times on my bike. The race was extremely challenging and had a lot of obstacles that were hard, but naturally I like technical obstacles. The race was fun, challenging and the entire time I was pushing for every single little second I could get. I’m happy that some people I knew came out to cheer me on, there is a couple people who recognize me from this YouTube channel and there was a whole bunch of riders to talk to and a lot of nice people. overall the race was one of the best experiences I’ve had on a bike and one of the hardest. Thanks to the folks at ombc for organizing this great race!
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More info on My first race is here! | 2017 OMBC (Ohio Mountain Bike Championship) Dillon State Park RACE!

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