Where is the best food in Columbus, Ohio? If you’re not living in Ohio, but travelling to Columbus, where should you eat? Columbus is deemed one of the most undercover foodie cities in America and I’m so thrilled to bring you on a 24 hours food adventure! You can expect that this video will feature the usual suspects: chicken wings and fried chicken. But also prepare yourself for the unexpected (here’s a hint: it starts with “dive” and it ends with “bar”).

As always, I hope you’re ready and here we go!

In order of appearance:
👉 Fried Chicken: The Eagle https://www.eaglerestaurant.com/menu/
👉 Wine bar : Wine on High https://www.wineonhigh.com/
👉 Dinner : High Bank Distillery Co https://www.highbankco.com/menu/
👉 Dive bar : Mickey’s Grandview https://www.facebook.com/mickeysgrandview/

🎵Music by @dcuttermusic / http://www.davidcuttermusic.com

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