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  • SBF Glossary: B -

    (Click here for bottom) B b B Basic. Not that it was ever called that, but the B programming language was a simplified version of BCPL, in the name of which the B stood for Basic.B was a typeless language like BCPL, and like BCPL also it is remembered today for its genealogical connection to C, explained at the Algol entry. B was created in 1970 by Ken Thompson for the first Unix system on the ...

  • Allocated and Reserved AS blocks - CIDR Report

    Allocated and Reserved AS blocks. Source: IANA AS Registry AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS (last updated 2007-06-21) The Autonomous System (AS) numbers are used by various routing protocols.

  • Free Press, WV

    WV Legislative Update. At I write this week, it’s the eve of April 15 - the 2019 tax deadline for your 2018 filing. Most folks don’t wait until the last minute to file, but this year lots of families are finding out the federal tax cuts of a year ago are hitting them hard by receiving less refund, no refund, or having to pay substantially more.

  • What are some slang terms used among police officers? - Quora

    This answer is highly contextualized, but here's a list of the stuff I hear on air and in person on a regular basis; note that I've omitted terminology typically used by SWAT teams and on high risk incidents in order to preserve tactical superiori...

  • Society of Vacuum Coaters - SVC Education Program

    VT-201 High Vacuum Systems and Operations. This day-long short course is intended for those who wish to understand the operation of mechanical, diffusion, and cryo pump systems, how materials are chosen, and how water vapor is pumped efficiently during the roughing cycle.

  • Concord Free Press - Oct 2016 Home

    We publish books and give them away for free—online and via a network of independent bookstores. In exchange, we ask readers to make a voluntary donation to a local charity or someone in need in their community.

  • Chit Chat Cafe

    THURSDAYS 9PM EASTERN PAST SHOWS ARE BELOW ~ Talk is “Chic” ~ Chit Chat. The Chit Chat Cafe is about two gals who think "talk is chic". Lisa and Betty Anne are wives, moms and former NFL Cheerleaders.

  • Cleveland Ethnic Events Calendar | Cleveland Cultural Events

    Cleveland Ethnic Events Calendar of Cleveland Cultural Events. is home to the many diverse cultures and ethnic groups that make up the Cleveland Ohio area.

  • Participating Dealers -

    Kendall Ford Kenai, LLC • 10288 Kenai Spur Highway • Kenai, AK Kendall Ford Lincoln of Anchorage • 1950 Gambell • Anchorage, AK Kendall Ford of Wasilla • 2701 E. Mountain Village Drive • Wasilla, AK

  • Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2007-13 | Internal Revenue Service

    The Internal Revenue Bulletin is the authoritative instrument of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for announcing official rulings and procedures of the Internal Revenue Service and for publishing Treasury Decisions, Executive Orders, Tax Conventions, legislation, court decisions, and other items of general interest.

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