Steps to pass the Maneuverability Test:
1. Go straight,
2. While turning left, turn the steering 180 left, when the left mirror aligns with the left Cone,
3. Then, look at the right mirror, and when it aligns with the right cone turn the steering 360 right,
4. Stop the car after making it straight,
5. Put the car on Reverse, and look at the right mirror and when it aligns with the right cone turn the steering 360 left,
6. At last, when the left mirror aligns with the left cone, turn the steering 180 right.
Similarly, you can do for Right direction.
Remember when turning left the pattern is left(180)-right(360)-left(360)-right(180) and vice versa for right.

KL practicing test and being successful for all the time. Passed the driving test in first time.

It was practiced in the parking lot with almost equal measurement. And, also in the test venue. We went to the test center and practiced the actual test. It felt like it was easier to practice in the test venue due to the actual pressure felt in the field. But, if you can pass the test in the parking lot, you can easily pass the test.

Successful!!! Got the license.

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More info on How to Pass Maneuverability Test (Cone Test) – Driving Test video!!! Passed !!!

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