Ohio has legalized medical marijuana, and the staff at Ohio Marijuana Card can help you get approved today! Watch this video to learn more about what to expect at your appointment and the patient experience. Schedule an evaluation at any of our 10 locations throughout Ohio. You can find a list of locations here: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/marijuana-doctor-locations

Call or text 866-457-5559 with any questions, or to book an appointment.

Cleveland (West), OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/cleveland-office-west-side
Cleveland (East), OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/beachwood
Columbus, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/columbus-marijuana-doctor
Cincinnati, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/cincinnati-marijuana-doctor
Dayton, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/dayton-marijuana-doctor
Akron, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/akron-marijuana-doctor
Toledo, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/toledo-marijuana-doctor
Youngstown, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/youngstown-office
Athens, OH office: https://www.ohiomarijuanacard.com/athens-ohio-marijuana-doctor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marijuana_ohio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OhioMJ/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ohio_marijuana/

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