This was from a quick lunch break trip. I almost left the drone at home but I went back for it and I was glad I did when the sun came out that afternoon.

On another whim, I went out to the old Rolling Acres Mall site. This spot has been well documented as a part of the dead mall wave. People shot drone video of the mall when it was abandoned but now they’ve torn it down and are clearing it up for an Amazon facility of some sort. It seemed like a nice open spot for a quick run.

This was just a test of the area and me shaking the rust off after the winter. Despite a few setbacks, I got more good video than I thought. So I did some quick editing and color correction, quick curve tweaks, and found a catchy tune.

Over Under Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

More info on Where Rolling Acres Mall Used to Be 2019.05.08

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